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Products & Services

Our focus is products and services for behavioral studies in neuroscience and psychology research with eye tracking , EEG/fNRIS and MRI compatible solutions

With our long Extensive consulting experience gained with one of the leading eye tracking manufacturers - former SMI Sensomotoric Instruments, we invested time & effort to assess performances and value of existing, new and innovative technologies from experienced and engineering companies and high end researchers. We selected and tested the most innovative and advanced solutions which will guarantee you high performances, high quality data, fast and productive analysis 

We offer high quality consultancy and training involving scientific partners such as the most advanced researchers in Psychology, Neuroscience, Pupillometry, Neuromarketing, Sport, Ergonomy, Autism...

We are happy to help and support you in human behavioral studies with our batch of rental high end Eye Tracking systems for Mobile , Immersive VR and Desktop/screen Eye Tracking Studies 

Based on request, Gaze Intelligence team develops customized applications/plugins and experimental scripts for accurate synchronization, and better data visualization



Eye tracking consultancy & training
Unique Packages for eye tracking studies

Eye tracking packages adapted to your needs

Improve productivity and quality of Eye Tracking studies with our different packages & services adapted to your needs

Rent an Eye Tracking equipments at competitive prices (Virtual Reality, Screen based, Real World) for any period of time

Benefit of consultancy from our consultants/researchers expert in your domain/field and let the gaze intelligence team to treat and convert your data in the format you like

Computer vision software development