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Blickshift : Advanced Eye Tracking analysis

Three years in the making, Blickshift Analytics redefines the boundaries for a professional eye tracking analysis. Blickshift software was developed based on cutting edge results from Visual Analytics research for an efficient analysis of your eye tracking experiments. A highly interactive user interfaces together with fantastics new techniques for analyzing your data leads to a signficant reduction of time effort yor analyzing large experiments. Explore the new possibilties of Blickshift Analytics!

Eye Tracking analysis software for a high efficiency & productivity

Developed from scratch and optimized for a powerful and maximum demanding analysis of your data, Blickshift Analytics is the ultimate software for professional perception scientists, cognition scientists, automotive engineers, AI developers, usability experts and market researchers.

Search for similar eye movements

Blickshift Analytics offers two unique solutions: With an automatic search process our software identifies typical eye movements on an AOI basis. You can set all search parameters individually. In addition to the automatic search, a sequence search gives you the possibility to search for exact defined scan path patterns. Using a similarity search, our software also finds eye movements, which are not exact similar with respect to fixation order, but are similar.

Generation of training sets for AI development

For generating training sets Blickshift Analytics offers one of the most efficient solutions on the market. Again, the workflow is very simple: First, you select sections in the data and annotate these sections with labels. Second, you export these sections together with the assigned sensor and eye tracking data. Finally, you use this exported data as training sets. For generating training sets, you can choose out of two modi: You can manually select your data or you can use the support of Blick

Correlation analysis of sensor data

Using the Blickshift Analytics frameworks you can import data channels from many different sensors such as eye trackers, bio metric sensors, machine sensors or interaction logs. All data has to be recorded beforehand and is imported via a flexible import system. Next, you analyze all information together to find correlations between eye movements and physiological data and other sensors.


Elegant combination of quantitative and qualitative methods

Basically, there are two methods for analyzing eye tracking data: hypotheses-based methods and explorative methods. With Blickshift Analytics you can use both methods within one software application. Our software includes components for calculating all important eye tracking metrics as well as all necessary tools for an explorative, detailed analysis. All components are connected interactively with each other to provide you the best of the hypotheses-based and explorative approach for you.


Data exchange with state of the art eye trackers

We have reduced the effort for integrating Blickshift Analytics in an existing analysis environment to a minimum. At every moment of the analysis, you are able to export results of calculations and data sections in CSV files. Additionally, you can export bitmaps of visualizations or do an easy copy and paste via clipboard into presentation software. Blickshift Analytics works together with all state of the art eye tracking manufacturers by importing raw gaze data.

Heat maps and scan paths rethought

Blickshift Analytics also gives you the possibility to present your data with heat maps and scan paths. However, we have enhanced these two classical techniques with further visualization parameters and interactions. Further, we have closely connected them with all components within our software. Thereby, you get completely new powerful possibilities to still use these two classical visualizations in the future.