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MRI Eye Tracker


Affordable LiveTrack AV for fMRI

LiveTrack is a MRI Eye tracker which delivers real time estimates of eye rotation, direction of gaze coordinates and pupil size. Our close to the eye imaging arrangement is compact, easy to set up and delivers more robust tracking than a remote system. 

Monocular and binocular configurations are available for a range of different head coils. 

LiveTrack integrates with our BOLDscreen MR Safe displays, audio system, and the other Made for fMRI devices from our range. 


Measurement technique: Video. Dark pupil and rst Purkinje image Guaranteed Guaranteed sampling frequency: 60Hz with no dropped frames (500Hz upgrade option)

Accuracy: 0.5°

Horizontal range: 30°

Allowable head movement: ±20mm

Measurement units: Fick, Helmholtz coordinates in degrees, and screen position in mm. Uncalibrated raw data is also available for your own custom calibration.

Supplied Software

LiveTrack Viewer for camera alignment, Direction of Gaze calibration, and pupil size calibration. Supports data logging to le and real-time plots.

Eye tracking for fMRI

Dedicated eye tracking hardware 

Bespoke embedded hardware identi es the pupil and corneal re ection, then calculates eye rotation. Video images, tracked eye position and pupil size data relayed to host computer via USB interface. 

Monitor participant’s behaviour via live video 

Live video stream from each eye tracking camera
is produced concurrently with the data. Get instant feedback to know where your participant is looking. 

Very easy integration 

Works with Presentation, ePrime, MATLAB, Python and your own custom software. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. 

Eye Tracking for fMRI

Cold mirror optical system

MR safe cameras, with integrated infrared illumination sources,
are positioned behind a large MR safe cold mirror. Cold mirrors are special optical components that are coated with a dichroic  lter that re ects visible light while transmitting infrared wavelengths. 

This allows the cameras to be optimally aligned in direct sight of the participant’s eyes, but at the same time hidden behind the mirror outside the participant’s view. The cameras can unobtrusively image each eye using infrared light through the mirror. 

The participant sees the visible light image re ected from the cold mirror, and can therefore view a display placed outside the magnet. Our BOLDscreen MR Safe LCD displays are ideal for this purpose: they can be placed right at the opening of the bore, to give maximum  eld of view. 

Eye Tracking for fMRI

Fast setup, monocular and binocular tracking

Mounting the cameras and illumination directly on the head coil avoids all the difficulties of remote camera systems. 

A range of opto-mechanical mounts are available to support different head coils; monocular and binocular con gurations for tracking with one or two cameras.