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Eye Tracking Study : What is your field?

Eye tracking technology is used in many fields such as Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuromarketing, Clinical Research, fMRI, Immersive VR, Sport and performances, User Experience, Education, Professional performances/Safety, Computer vision, Vision research, Human factor and Human Computer Interaction

Find your field and explore how eye tracking can be applied to give you deeper insights into human behavior

Based on our long and extensive experience in Eye Tracking field with the former SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments) and researchers in Psychology and Neurosciences for more than 10 years, Gaze Intelligence team including consultants expert in your domain helps and supports you to achieve successfully your eye tracking study. 

Select the best Gaze Intelligence package adapted to your needs in term of cost effectiveness, productivity and benefits

You also have the option to rent a high-end eye tracking solution at very competitive price with optional consultants expert in your domain

Eye Tracking study : Fields of use

Neuromarketing / Consumer Behavior


What elements attract consumers attention? Improve packaging design and better understand Brand communication and decision making process. These insights help marketers to effectively design communication to catch the shopper's eye.

Psychology and Neuroscience


Better understand the connection between what we see and how we react based on the information we process. Assess working load with pupil dilation and identify specific patterns linked to    neurological disorder

Driving Behaviour & Transportation


Measure distraction and inattention time,  develop behaviour models, improve design and ergonomy of Human Machine Interfaces

Sports Performance and Training


Better understand visual behaviour of experts and compare with novices. Insights from the experts help coaches to improve training session and performances

User Experience and Interaction


Collect all insights of your customers interacting with your products for better design, ergonomy and customer experience



Better understand learning process and impact of all new technologies. Assess and test new visual technologies.

Professional Performance / Safety


Assess human task performances and visual information and improve Training quality and industrial processes for more productivity and safety

Computer Vision


Improve VR immersion, make Avatar more alive, develop new eye & gaze interaction, adapt applications in real time, detect nausea

Vision & Perception


Better understand eye movements in natural tasks to see how people coordinate actions in real-life tasks revealing cognitive/perceptual processes and/or limitations

Brain Imaging


Better understand Brain activities and processes with high quality MRI solutions such as MR LCD Display, Audio system, Eye tracker and other dedicated tools

Aerospace & Defense


Improve learning and training process by observing in real time trainees attention  and guide them to the right visual beahviour. Test and Improve Ergonomy of Human Machine Interface for better productivity and performances. 



Research, Rehabilitation,

Evaluate TSA level, rehabilitate Autism kids



Gaze-Intelligence-package-eye tracking-independance

  • Select an Eye Tracking solution dedicated for your study (VR, Mobile or screen based) with Gaze Intelligence team support and advises
  • Get a user training based on experimental design and analysis software
  • Design your experiment with a dedicated exprimental design software
  • Collect data (independently or with Optional Gaze Intelligence support)
  • Visualize, Analyze and export data with a specific software (see below Eye tracking data visualization)

  • Optional : Get full support during setup, calibration and data collection process. Gaze Intelligence team will garantee you high quality data and best productivity during the whole data collection process
  • Optional : Get analysis report from Gaze Intelligence consultant specialist in your domain for better insights
  • Optional : Learn more and get scientific training from Gaze Intelligence consultant expert in your domain

"Ready to analyze"


  • Send your experimental protocol and requirements to Gaze Intelligence Team (Gaze Intelligence Team will collect all data)
  • Get an user training based on Analysis software
  • Get all data collected by Gaze Intelligence Team
  • Visualize, Analyze and export data with a specific software (see below visuals and data)

  • Optional : Get analysis report from Gaze Intelligence consultant specialist in your domain for better insights
  • Optional : Get scientific training from Gaze Intelligence consultant expert in your domain

"Full Insights"


  • Send your experimental protocol and requirements to Gaze Intelligence Team (Gaze Intelligence Team will collect all data)
  • Define all insights you would like to analyze
  • Get all data and a full report from Gaze Intelligence consultant specialist in your domain

  • Optional : Get scientific training from Gaze Intelligence consultant expert in your domain

Eye Tracking Data Visualization



KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)




AOIs/ROIs Sequence chart




VR Analysis


Gaze Intelligence Consultants

Prof. Thierry Baccino - Cognitive Psychology & Ergonomy


Thierry Baccino is full Professor in Cognitive Psychology for Digital Technologies at the University of Paris VIII and Scientific Director of the LUTIN Laboratory (EA 4004) at the Museum of Science and Industry (La Villette). He is a specialist in eye-tracking, a technique he has applied to the field of reading, and has published extensively on this topic. Currently his methodological research concerns the coupling of eye-trackers with other behavioral measurement devices: EEG (EFRP), physiological indicators (RED, EKG, ...) and Motion Capture.

Prof. Olivier Droulers - Consumer Neuroscience


Olivier Droulers (MD & PhD) is professor of consumer neuroscience at the Institut de Gestion de Rennes (Graduate School of Management), University of Rennes 1. His research investigates the application of concepts and techniques deriving from neuroscience to marketing, with a special focus on eye tracking methodology. His research has been published in the Journal of Advertising Research, Psychology and Marketing, the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, PLOS One, Advances in Consumer Research, Tourism Management, Public Health Nutrition, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, and the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing.

Dr. Lisa Jeanson - Workload & Ergonomy

Lisa Jeanson is a cognitive ergonomist and a young researcher specialized in mental workload. She is currently writing a thesis and working for PSA Group. Her research aim at predicting mental workload in workstations and allowing workers to do their work automatically without making errors. She intervenes to improve performances and quality of working life on workstations.

In 2016, after analyses, she recommended a change of part in the 308 vehicle and eradicated recurring errors in a plugging task. 

In 2017, she created a behavior analysis method to detect collective regulations. Therefore, she identified the combination of tool enslavement and variations of activity as factors of mental workload in cyclical tasks. 

In 2018, she piloted a kitting area development project in Sochaux. This project was the first of its kind in PSA and drastically reduced errors of supply and complaints from workers. 

In parallel, Lisa Jeanson gives conferences and training workshops upon mental workload management at work in companies (such as Orange S.A.) and in professional as well as scientific events. Each intervention is unique and presents mental workload at a useful tool to improve performance and quality of working life.