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LiveTrack Eye tracking Gaze Intelligence

Affordable 500Hz Video Eye Tracking

LiveTrack Lightning delivers accurate, precise estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size. Ideal for oculomotor research; it is easy and fast to setup and calibrate. Record saccade metrics, gaze contingent displays, and monitor observer behaviour and pupil response during visual psychophysics and cognitive neuroscience experiments.
LiveTrack Lightning operates as a standalone system but also neatly integrates with the Display++ Touchscreen LCD monitor, AudioFile stimulus processor, and the other Tools for Vision Science in our r


Presto: Dedicated eye tracking hardware

The remote Lightning imaging module is designed to be sited a short distance away from the observer. Its optical configuration supports monocular and binocular tracking, and is designed to work with a chinrest to provide very high quality data.
Lightning connects to the LiveTrack Presto unit to generate the data. This is a compact embedded eye tracking system which interfaces to the stimulus computer by USB.
In real-time, Presto automatically identifies the dark pupil and corneal reflections in each eye, then calculates eye rotation and Direction of Gaze.
Video images, tracked eye position and pupil size data are transferred to the stimulus computer via a high-speed,
low latency USB interface. This approach means no extra processing load on the stimulus computer and no complicated real time programming is required.

Monitor observer performance via live video
The live video from the Lightning module is combined with the tracking data from the Presto unit, then the composite stream made available to view on the Presto HDMI and USB interfaces. Get instant feedback to learn how the observer
is performing by plugging a standard LCD monitor into the Presto HDMI output. The USB video output is provided in UVC format just like a webcam; it can be viewed with the LiveTrack host software tools and captured by a range of third-party utilities.

Very easy integration and synchronisation
The LiveTrack USB data interfaces are simple to integrate with MATLAB, Python and C on any computer regardless of the operating system; a simple API is provided to facilitate development of custom software. Also works with Presentation and ePrime and other third-party software. Plug&Play installation on Windows, MacOS or GNU/Linux with no proprietary drivers required.
The Presto unit includes a full array of digital and analogue I/O to make it easy to trigger, synchronise and transfer the eye movement data to other equipment.


Measurement technique: Video. Dark pupil and rst Purkinje image Guaranteed
Guaranteed sampling frequency: 60 - 500Hz with no dropped frames

Resolution: Down to 0.05°
Accuracy: 0.25° - 0.5°

Horizontal range: 30°

Allowable head movement: ±20mm

Measurement units: Fick, Helmholtz coordinates in degrees, and screen position in mm. Uncalibrated raw data is also available for your own custom calibration.


Camera type: Digital CMOS sensor with integrated IR illumination Infrared illumination wavelength: 940nm

Supplied Software

LiveTrack Viewer for camera alignment, Direction of Gaze calibration, and pupil size calibration. Supports data logging to le and real-time plots.