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The world’s first deep learning powered eye tracking glasses

Eye tracking glasses

Pupil Labs has developed a new approach to mobile eye tracking that is powered by a novel end-to-end gaze estimation pipeline. You can put on the glasses and you will get gaze data immediately.


Traditional eye tracking approaches fail in bright sunlight. Pupil Invisible provides robust gaze estimation in any environment!


Take the glasses on and off, just like you would a normal pair of glasses. No calibration required! Deep learning powered gaze estimation pipeline provides you with high quality gaze data regardless of how much you move. Pupil Labs has also integrated an IMU into the frame, so that you can keep track of head movements.


A wide angle camera records your full field of view. An integrated microphone can capture audio. Pupil Labs recognizes that you might not always want or need an outward facing camera. That is why Pupil Labs has designed the entire scene camera to be quickly and easily detached/re-attached via magnetic connection.


You can easily pop in/out lenses with different prescriptions and shades. The glasses can accommodate prescription lenses from -8 to +8 diopter.

eye tracking glasses

GAZE ANALYSIS : A unique package for productive and efficient real-world studies/research

GAZE INTELLIGENCE, certified as Pupil Labs reseller, offers unique package for real-world studies/research including Pupil Invisible glasses, Mobile recording unit & power pack for extra autonomy, Laptop/tablet & Wifi Router for live observation, recording and replay software, Analysis software for productive and efficient analysis, flight case, one day training onsite and excellent support!

GAZE ANALYSIS package is suitable for

  • Marketing and consumer research
  • Training, Sport and performances
  • Social interaction & cognitive psychology
  • Autism research
  • Driving behavior studies
  • Training, Performances (Industry 2.0)
  • Psychiatry/Neuropsychology research

For more information or demo request, please feel free to contact us.

SMARTGAZE : A smart solution for analysis

SMARTGAZE is a unique automated coding/mapping solution using Artificial Intelligence cloud-based for productive and cost-effective analysis. Recorded data are mapped on any areas of interest automatically without compromising on accuracy. SmartGaze was co-developed and supported by a company doing the largest mobile eye tracking studies in the world. High performances of SmartGaze relies on the large amount of data which was used to train the Artificial Intelligence. 

What people think about Pupil Invisible glasses?


Jean Fournier - Associate Professor, Paris Nanterre University

At last, an eye-tracking system that works outdoors, in the sun! This will help researchers get out of the lab to better study athletes in their real environment. Pupil Invisible is a great addition to the previous eye-tracking solutions. Being able to watch the movies immediately is also a great asset, not only for sport science research, but also for counselling athletes and coaches during training sessions. We like being able to use it also with Apple computers, to give quick feedback.

Market research/Consumer Behavior/Visual Merchandising

Capture shopper behavior in a supermarket with Pupil Invisible glasses. Make your eye tracking studies/tests easier, more productive and more comfortable with no calibrations and a system almost invisible offering dedicated tools for analysis.

Capture shopper gaze behavior for better understanding of decision making process. Make your products or shelves more attractive and catchy and assess the visual performances after improvements.

Driver behavior monitoring

Monitor driver attention with Pupil Invisible glasses in a real car driving. Pupil Invisible glasses are very light, does not interfere with the driver field of view and does not require any calibrations (thanks to the embedded AI).

Training & performances - Golf Player

Observe live gaze behavior and interact in real-time for better training and experience. Replay instantly and share the data recorded with the trainee on the field with the smart recorder for better training process and performances