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Pupil Core glasses

Pupil Core glasses developed by Pupil Labs capture natural viewing behavior in real-world environment and screen/monitor combining robustness, accuracy, largest field of view at affordable cost. 

GAZE INTELLIGENCE delivers a unique package for research and professionals including high-end laptop, mobile recording device, innovative and advanced software for productive and efficient analysis. GAZE INTELLIGENCE tools and software will bring your eye tracking studies and research to the next level with an unprecedented flexibility.

We offer one day training on site with all deliveries and based on our long eye tracking experience, we bring high quality support and services to all our customers.



Pupil Detection Method Binocular, dark pupil tracking using a 3D eye model

Calibration Procedure Multi point calibration - 3-9 points (physical

marker or on-screen marker)

Slippage compensation using the 3D eye model

Pupil Diameter is recorded in millimeters based on anthropomorphic eyeball size and in pixels based on apparent diameter

Accuracy & Precision

2D Accuracy : 0.6 degree of visual angle

Precision : 0.08 degrees

3D Accuracy : 1.4 degree of visual angle

Precision : 0.08 degrees

Area of Interest Tracking Surface tracking using up to 64 unique 5x5 fiducial markers

Multi-device Sync

Synchronization with other Pupil devices and other sensors on a wireless/wired network (LSL compatible)

Broadcast Pupil Data Over the Network

Real-time broadcast of Pupil data (gaze data, pupil data, events) over a wireless/wired network


Pupil Mobile

Pupil Mobile is a mobile recording unit based on smartphone. All data are saved on the smartphone.

With the wireless live capabilities Pupil Mobile, professionals and scientists have full control of a study. From a remote computer or tablet connected via Wi-Fi, operators can collect participant properties, perform a calibration, observe live gaze traces, transmit live audio and add live annotations to a user’s behaviour. For enhanced productivity, annotations can be used in Pupil Capture software to efficiently focus data analysis on relevant sequences of the recorded data.

Pupil Labs customers have already published more than 150 research papers in leading scientific journals.

SMARTGAZE : A smart solution for analysis

SMARTGAZE is a unique automated coding/mapping solution using Artificial Intelligence cloud-based for productive and cost-effective analysis. Recorded data are mapped on any areas of interest automatically without compromising on accuracy. SmartGaze was co-developed and supported by a company doing the largest mobile eye tracking studies in the world. High performances of SmartGaze relies on the large amount of data which was used to train the Artificial Intelligence. 

Use cases / Case studies

Psychology - Driving behavior in a simulator with automatic tracking for Areas/Regions of interest

UX - Mobile app testing

Driving Behavior - Pupil Core Headset capture natural driver behavior attention and distraction during real car driving.

Download Pupil Labs software for Windows x64 (v1.22)

Download Pupil Labs software for Mac (v1.22)